UN at 70! What are the stakes and challenges for human rights?


Exactly 70 years ago, on 24 October 1945, the United Nations Charter entered into force. Just weeks after World War II ended, the United Nations became a reality.

Human rights were defined as one of the purposes of the organization. 70 years later, as UN membership expanded from 53 to 193 states, how does the organization carry out its mandate to ensure universal, effective respect for human rights? What are the key stakes in this regard? Read FIDH’s analysis:


– What has been achieved in terms of human rights protection? What challenges are facing global governance?Read analysis by Souhayr Belhassen, FIDH Honorary President, who takes Tunisia as a case study.

– At the UN Security Council, permanent members’s use of the veto remains a major obstacle to fulfilling the organization’s mandate. To know more.

– 16 peacekeeping missions are currently deployed in the field. How does the UN advance peace and security worldwide? How do these missions advance human rights? To know more.

– The UN Security Council also emphasizes the full participation of women in peace negotiations and peacebuilding processes. How does this commitment translate in actual fact? To know more.

– In September 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 strategic orientations to strengthen development worlwide, for the 15 years to come. Read about what’s at stake in terms of integrating human rights in global economic governance and human development. To know more

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